Education at MAMDT

The world is changing fast. This is both cliché and fact. People and institutions are continuously trying to identify who they are, how to make the most of situations and how to make sure they do not fall behind. Designers are called upon to not only research but co-design the world of tomorrow.

At Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology we empower students by teaching them a wide set of ‘languages’, ranging from visual languages to coding skills. And whatever they are going to research, innovate and design, they will do it with empathic skills, ambition and creativity.

In our academy, we have two ‘flavours’ of bachelor’s degree programmes (which we love to blend!)…

September 1st, 2017 we start with our brand new master’s course

Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD)

Roll back the frontiers of your own abilities and grasp the opportunities setting the tone in a world of interactive media and digital communication.

At CMD students grow into the role of communication specialists who are able to identify the needs of present day society and translate these needs into interactive media solutions with human-centred design as the starting point.

CMD’ers work cross disciplinary and are not afraid of embracing new technology, but without losing sight of the end goal and, more importantly, the end user.

At all times, it is the experience of the end user which is central in this process.  The possibilities presented by technology serve the needs and wishes of this end user.

Learn more about CMD (Dutch)

Visual Communication (VisCom)

Image and media are important aspects of our culture. In order to attain our communication goals – getting the message across – we use media in all sorts of different ways.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about this: why am I telling my story, how do I tell it, what do I tell it with, when, and to whom?

Within Visual Communication, you can chose from four specialisations, each using a different communication medium:

It’s your job to convey your message as a designer using your design. This works more powerfully than text alone. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Learn more about VISCOM (Dutch)

Master’s Course Hybrid Media (starts September 1st, 2017)

The world of today is connected, interdisciplinary, intercultural and always in transition. Professionals who innovate and compete, will have to deepen themselves more than ever in this complex, technological and hybrid world. The exploration of the future of media and entrepreneurship is a central focus point in this master, focusing on innovative visual experiment and research about other cultures from other continents (e.g. Japan, Korea, America). Furthermore communication and human behavior are essential components; they are necessary because of the rapidly changing needs for communication, and the diversity of media and technology that can be used for this purpose.

The two-year master’s course Hybrid Media provides designers, entrepreneurs and researchers a unique in depth path within design cultures worldwide and a specialization in disciplines in leading environments. The focus is on the synergy between art and creative technology. Visual design in all it’s capacity in the 21st century.

The target audience will not only consist out of starting or established designers, but out of professionals from large organizations who are struggling with questions regarding their existence now and in the future within the creative industries, as well as organizations such as APG who are searching for innovation.

The program offers a framework around artistic research, entrepreneurship, critical reflection, intercultural designs, hybrid media design, conceptual thinking. The research is aimed at both: design research by artists or designers and their own work; research into hybrid media and communication and research for new design practices and methods.

Alternatively, the program allows the student to determine independently their study path offered by network relationships, internships, exchange with partner schools in Korea, Japan and Los Angeles, depending on their own interests and entrepreneurial mindset through startups.

About the partner institutions

Four international academies have teamed up to develop a valuable, durable cooperation. The strategic choice made by Zuyd University to invest and develop partners in other countries gives Zuyd University a unique platform to inspiring cultures in the world and a network within the creative industries.  They provide the faculty and students with a range of study and travel opportunities which help position them for success within the global employment market. It is our ambition to consolidate those achievements and realize their full benefits.

Our understanding of global reach goes beyond the educational partners. The University invests in a growing global network of commercial and non-commercial partners. The geographic and cultural breadth of our location within the Euregio, in itself a huge asset, is telescoped into a vast center moreover in the city Maastricht.

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Dirk Reynders