gen art hub

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generative art (gen art) is a form of art where the image arises through algorithms and mathematical formulas. the artist sets rules (parameters) for the artwork to follow. thus, the artwork behaves according to these rules, but not fully; the artist leaves some room for ‘surprises’.Ai??

our first-year students will show you the results of their journey in finding what gen art can bring them.



2 may 2017Ai??

12.00 – 22.00
exhibition generative art and design by first-year studentsAi??

gen art hub
kick-off by Theo Ploeg

inputs, outputs, and algorithms
lecture and demonstration by andreas refsgaard about machine learning and new interfaces for expressive interactions

andreas is an interaction designer from denmark, he graduated fromAi??CIIDAi??in 2015 and isAi??now running copenhagen based creative coding studioAi??StA?jAi??with fellow CIID alumnusAi??Lasse Korsgaard.Ai??

he is the creator ofAi??Eye Conductor, which helps people express themselves through music usingAi??only their eyes and facial gestures. recently andreas has been exploring artistic applications ofAi??machine learning and taught other designers how to use machine learning for real-time interactiveAi??projects.

concert generative music and visuals
collaboration jazz conservatory and MAMDT
by jon sensmeier and rowen formanAi??

the meaning of generative technology and thinking in our contemporary timessociety and art in an age of generative patternsAi??a discussion by theo ploeg andAi??josephine bosman

josephine is a journalist and critic, living and working in amsterdam, the netherlands. from and art background, she writes about art,Ai??new media and media theory, focusing on art, sound and performance on the internet, as well as cyberfeminism and media politics. In 2011 her book ‘Nettitudes – Let’s Talk Net Art’ appeared. Since 2013 she is on the advisory committee for digital culture (e-culture) of the timuleringsfonds for Creatieve Industrie. More info:Ai??


3 may 2017

12.00 – 18.00
exhibition generative art and design by first-year studentsAi??

location MAMDT gym ai??i?? brusselseweg 150 maastricht

Ai??Artboard 1

gen art party

3 may 2017

after showing you the results of our students’ Ai??hard work, we want to end this event in a proper way.
a party.

gen art party ai??i?? MAMDT meetsAi??Conservatorium Maastricht
students show and generate visuals while the IMPRO-band reacts with musical improvisations
moderated by theo ploeg – afterwards: DJai??i??s
location landbouwbelang maastricht



gen art hubAi??|Ai??expo & event | brusselseweg 150, maastricht
gen art partyAi??| landbouwbelang, maastricht