After ten weeks of hard work, our second-year Communication and Multimedia Design students finished their multimedia stories, which were presented to the staff of Media Valley.

A multimedia story is an interactive documentary in which the person watching decides where to go. Guided through but with the possibilities to receive extra information in deeper layers.

In this case, the stories were all themed around party drugs. A subject that has way more sides to it than you would imagine. For example: “Is it a media hype, or an actual problem?”. With this in mind, our students started to look for unique stories and questions to be answered.

Partydrugs - CMD 2.2 MediaValley 09 -¬ Harry Heuts 2017@0,5x

In those ten weeks, all 21 groups came up with a unique story. All themed around drugs. The best three were presented as followed: ‘Drugs Dump’ by Randy Beaumont and Fre Hermans, ‘I Do Drugs’ by Cas Frijns, Julia Olivier and Martin Bastiaans, and ‘Durf jij de gok te nemen?’ by Rik Lamers, Nyssa van Leersum and Elise van Dam.

Partydrugs - CMD 2.2 MediaValley 14 -¬ Harry Heuts 2017@0,5x

Drugs Dump, as the title shows, takes you into the world of dumping drug waste. How it’s done, where it’s done. It shows the different ways the waste can be dumped and the ways it’s still done today. If you are curious, we certainly encourage you to take a look on (best watched on Google Chrome or Firefox).

Partydrugs - CMD 2.2 MediaValley 26 -¬ Harry Heuts 2017@0,5x

I Do Drugs shows you something completely different. They show you something that most people will never, or don’t want to see. What it is like to do drugs. As someone new to drugs or from the perspective of a more experienced user.
Step in their shoes and see for yourself on

Partydrugs - CMD 2.2 MediaValley 31 -¬ Harry Heuts 2017@0,5x

“Durf jij de gok te nemen?” gives you a choice. Would you use an illegal drug, about which we all know the consequences? Or the legal drug about which we barely know anything. They show you the dangers that can happen and hope to show you that even though it can be legal, you still have to be careful. Make your choice and find out on