Unter Freiem Himmel (“Under open skies”) is a very personal film about fear and running away from one’s own memories and feelings.

Initially, I thought to make a film about a very literal escape from society. Along the way I realized it was only my own fear, and my own thoughts of escape, that was driving me to do that. Little by little, as the process continued, I began to recognize this, and I kept going back to change the concept and the script, bit by bit, until I ultimately found a much better framing of the story I wanted to tell:

In his parent’s house, Daniel (32) is confronted with his past. He finds himself trapped in his childhood, and he can’t let go. His girlfriend, Elena (33), can’t find a way to really help him. After a shocking experience, Daniel decides to deal with it in a very unconventional way.screen1_lukas screen2_lukas