In today’s turbulent world, which is home to an ongoing migrant crisis, an orange madman in the white house, the British isles preparing to leave the EU and a European currency lying in shambles, many people are reflecting on the ‘now’ and are debating whether the world is progressing or that it’s growing back into rhythms of the past. Meanwhile, we are rapidly depleting what’s left of the earth’s resources and our established systems continue to prove themselves inadequate. Simultaneously, we are developing technology, knowledge and insights that can spark a new revolution.

These are times at which we, as a people, pose critical questions. Because what exactly should we do from this point onwards? Do we even need to change radically or should we stand firm and still? In times as confusing as these, we grasp onto politics in order to try and frame reality into processes that we are familiar with. Processes that are relatively clear and straightforward.

On the flip side of traditional politics, though, we can notice a growing awareness around the fact that we (humans) are not alone in trying to find solutions. New, global networks are emerging everywhere that are trying to tackle society’s biggest problems on a structural basis. Many people, MAMDT included, feel like the world is at a breaking point: do we grab the chance to build a better future, or do we protect the safety of the past?


There is some solace to be found in one of our upcoming projects, that draws a stark contrast to the language accompanying the weighty and ever-important topics described above. At the basis of our new adventure lies the hypothesis that maybe, if we analyse the finer layers of our existence, we can be at peace with the apparent randomness of existing and by extension, of recent global developments.

This project will take place in Belgrade, where a group of artists, academics and technology enthusiasts organises a yearly meetup to debate and celebrate creativity lying at the intersection of music, visual arts and digital culture. It’s always hard to guess what a certain technology can do for human kind, because the application of it often changes throughout the process of its adaptation. So if we look at matter merely as a technology that consists of smaller building blocks, then we can see a whole new world of technological innovation opening up: the world of nano-technology.


The festival we’re visiting, called Resonate, is located in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia and is working hard to stimulate new media art that plays an important role in the discussion of and awareness around these issues. Tom Luyten was knee-deep into discussing these topics here himself when he met Predrag Koncar, who is affiliated with the Studentski Culturni Centar, an exhibition space just outside the Resonate venue.

During their chat, an idea began to grow: we (humans) are all situated within a network, as are the atoms within our body as well as the institution of MAMDT itself. Together with students, coworkers and alumni Tom and Predrag decided to organise an exhibition on the topic of nanotechnology. This exhibition made it possible for every artist to develop their own interpretations of what nanotechnology could mean for our collective future. The results are mesmerizing and we can’t wait to show them to all the creative thinkers that will roam the new media art scene at this years Resonate festival. Of course you are duly invited to join us, so hit us up on facebook or instagram if you have any questions.