Proud to announce:

The graduation film of MAMDT alumnus Lukas BrunsUnter Freiem Himmel – is selected for the Short Film Corner at the Film Festival Cannes 2018!

Congratulations Lukas!

After Windspiele in 2016 by Alina Frieske, this is the second graduation film by a MAMDT Visual Communication alumnus selected by the Film Festival in Cannes. Lukas Bruns was Director of Photography for Windspiele.

“Unter Freiem Himmel (“Under A Free Sky”) is a very personal film about fear and running away from one’s own memories and feelings. It is about a fear, most of us have to face some time in their life: Coming back to your childhood house finding it empty, with only memories left. We want to live our own life but we can’t and we should not forget where we come from. Sometimes it is not so easy to arrange yourself with your past.

This is also Daniel’s problem. He is confronted with his past in his childhood home and it gets difficult for him to process all the emotions connected to his youth. His girlfriend Elena (33) can’t really help him. In the end he decides for an inconvenient way to deal with that, as he digs deeper and deeper.”