Last Tuesday our third and fourth year students did their final presentation for the minor Cross Media Promotion. For ten weeks they worked on a campaign for ‘Service van Envida’. In total seven teams worked on this case.


During the minor the students formed teams of four or five students from different educational courses such as visual communication, communication and multimedia design, commercial-  and facility management. The students had to dive into different fields of creating a successful cross-media campaign such as the market, the target group, the client, brand identity, value proposition and designing a media mix.


During the course of ten weeks the seven teams acted as a renowned communication agency. Every team had it’s own name: Flessenpost, Jalt, Four You, Femme, Buro Penta, Four Agency and Creative Corner. Each team worked on the same case: getting more members for Service van Envida, which is a subscription service of health and well-being products and services for people starting from 45 years of age. This service consists of daytrips, meal services, fitness classes and so on.

Some interesting guest lectures were given by Marco Derksen (on marketing trends), Leon Verdonschot (on creative writing) and Jan Oldenburger (on media planning and budget). Marco Derksen also participated as a member of the jury during the final presentations.

Team Flessenpost (Danny Creemers, Leslie David, Yaell Fornasari, Elisa Franssen and Tom Bijlsma) won “most refreshing concept” and team Jalt (Tim van Oost, Laurens van Egmond, Joëlle Slots and Anne Stijnen) won “best campaign”. Congratulations to all students with their hard work and great concepts!

minor_CMP14_klein minor_CMP15_klein