During the first period of this year, the students of the minor Short Film have all started the process and find themselves deep in the works of writing, casting, filming and all the things that come to mind when you think of making a film. Even a short one. As we sat down with half of the group that is working on a short film called Margherita, we asked them what it’s like to work on a project like this, what steps they take and perhaps the struggles they find themselves in.

Margherita is made by Veronika Shoberer (Director), Sanne Walet (Producer), Helin Polat (Camera), Iris Dreesen (Art Director / Light), Marc Mingels (Art Director / Light) and Mike Bijlmakers (Sound / Microphone)


The roles in making a short film
“Most people wanted to stand behind the camera” Veronika said, which is for nearly everyone the first thing you think of when making a film. But there are plenty of other roles that need to be filled. There are lights that have to be managed, sounds to be recorded, and of course a film to be produced, which is done by the producer. With everyone appointed a task, the real process could start.


This was the first time the involved students, who were divided over the two different studies had to work together on a project. As they started working, several differences were noticed. “You can see that the CMD students are really good at the technical things. Like After Effects, Photoshop and all those programs. Whereas the VISCOM students are much more focused on the more esthetic and creative parts.” This in turn is a great thing, because that way they are ensured of a balanced team.


Again, this is the first time for them to walk through this process all by themselves. With coaching, but mostly on their own. “Marcel Hermans focuses more on the production side,” Sanne said, “where Maurice Copier helps us with the technical things. On how to use the camera to the highest value.”


The actors of Margherita

With most of the preparations quickly falling behind them, the storyboard finished, actors found and set in rehearsals, they could soon start filming. The actual making of the film, which for most, is the best part of the process.

The 30th of November will be the premiere of Margherita at Lumière Cinema Maastricht. Do you want to see the short film? You can buy tickets here.