In a world full of egoism, profit-making, inequality, injustice and violence, Musica Sacra Maastricht draws attention to the Sacrifice of Love. It demonstrates the sensitivity to other peoples’ needs of which it is also the ultimate outcome. In an extensive program, Musica Sacra Maastricht 2016 showed where and how artists in the past and present experienced and portrayed the Sacrifice of Love. With this as a set theme and introduction, there is enough to think about.

Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology (MAMDT)’s third year Visual Communication students Graphic and Illustrative Design were asked to create a series of works. Divided in three groups the students were given complete freedom in their creating process and designs as long as there would be a connection to the theme, “Sacrifice of Love”. This project resulted in the following three pieces, all taking a dive into a different aspect of this sacrifice.


“Ego” by Feya Foppen, Leslie David and Coco van Loevezijn.

An interactive installation which examines the definition of the true Sacrifice of Love – “Ego” – took a deep look into the eyes of the beholder. From where many great minds say beauty lies along with love. But what is their ultimate sacrifice of love? According to the students, suicide is the ultimate sacrifice.


“Lief en Leed” by Anne Stijnen, Kayleigh Dil, Shannon van Dam and Elisa Franssen

The physical implications of carrying and bearing of a child entails the subject of the video installation “Lief en Leed” (For better and for worse) and focussed on the dilemma you face when having a child. Can you keep it and sacrifice your life for a more beautiful one for your child? Or is the other option more tempting?


“Volnaakt” by Larisa Delissen, Michelle Beurskens, Lotte Gielen and Lana Leber

The third piece is an installation around the question of whether abortion could be a Sacrifice of Love and is called “Volnaakt” (junction of ‘perfect’ and ‘nude’). About a mothers’ sacrifice. One every mother makes. With this project they wanted to make people see that a mothers’ body after pregnancy is the ultimate beauty. Because of the sacrifice made for her child.

All in all, three beautiful pieces that will change the way you think. And will induce thoughts you didn’t think would come. The value of certain little things that seem normal to our society. But have a greater value beyond imagination.


This exhibition was on display in September in Theater aan het Vrijthof.
A cooperation between Musica Sacra and Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology (MAMDT) – Zuyd University.