Showcase your work

So, you’re a student or alumnus of MAMDT and you want to showcase your work here? Awesome!

Now here is what we need so we can publish your work:

Step 1. Prepare your stunning hi-res visual


Make your image at least 1024 x 500 px. We’ll resize the image automatically for different resolutions for maximum user pleasure.

Step 2. Cut your 500×500 showcase image

500x500 On our homepage we show loads of projects. So make sure your slice is tasty and measures exactly 500 x 500 pixels. Don’t overdo it on the compression (80% quality is nice).

Step 3. Describe your work

Write a compact, engaging desciption (in English!) of why you made the work, in what context it was designed, and, well, anything that excites us really. Hyperlink all you want and don’t forget to give credits to all involved.

Step 4. Send in the good stuff

Zip all the stuff and use WeTransfer or a Dropbox link to send it to:

Hey, what about video?

We’d love to have it! Email us to make sure we get it in the right format and stuff: